Used-secondhand Sawing Questions

bandsaw-cutting-steel-using used horizontal bandsaw

Horizontal bandsaw blade cutting Hard material

Questions to ask before purchasing used or secondhand bandsawing equipment .

  • What is my band Saw required to cut?
  • Cut Sectional material, Mitre for structural steel work or general fabrication,
  • cut billet work,Plastics, composite materials, forgings,
  • Special alloys, Manual,
  • Semi-automatic,  
  • Fully automatic with or without conveyor systems,
  • comply with specific regulations. 
  • Material handling for Structural steel work possibly with a drilling unit or robotic plasma cutting,
  • will a used machine suit your factory layout,
  • can it be modified or re-arrange the unit to suit the conditions available?
  • Does the Band saw have the correct Speed range,
  • capacity,
  • rigidity,
  • flexibility for your particular work,
  • single cut,
  • bundle cut,
  • long material cutting
  1. Band saw used for Engineering,
  2. Band saw for Steel stock holders,
  3. Band saw for Steel cutting shops,
  4. Band saw for Fabricators or Structural steel shops.

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Used Band Saw Machines always available are as follows: from Quality manufactures. Subject to availability 

Amada, Behringer, Kasto, Forte, Ficep, Kaltenbach, Mega, Friggi, Everising, Meba, Danobat, HydMech, Sabi, Peddinghaus , Doall

Aluminium non-ferrous Behringer Used Secondhand Bandsaw

Behringer HBM440 Used-secondhand bandsaw

Mega BS1030 used bandsaw

Mega Horizontal Used-secondhand bandsaw control panel.