Kasto Twin A4 Kasto Twin A4 400 mm Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw

Stock Number: MMjKasta4
Manufacturer: Kasto
Model Number: Twin A4
Category: Bandsaw Used Horizontal
USED KASTO twin A4 Automatic Bandsaw 400 mm capacity Year of manufacture 2004.
Specification  :  
Please read the material below,   Kasto twin A4 Automatic 400 mm meets your requirements .
  • USED Kasto twin A4 Automatic bandsaw
  • Cutting Round         400 mm
  • cutting flat       400 x 400 mm
    • Shortest remnant                                 80 mm
    • Saw Motor frequency controlled       4kW
    • Cutting Speed                                       20-110 m/min
    • Saw Blade                                               5.700 x 41 x 1,3 mm
    • Working Height                                    700 mm
    • Machine size                                          2.200 x 2.970 x 2.700 H
    • Weight                                                    2.500 kg.
    • Material Feed                                        750 – 1.500mm
  • TECH :  
  • The Kasto twin A4  Automatic Bandsaw – High -Performance in every respect.
  • 100% protection for safe,clean and silent cutting.
  • More generous and solid design of saw head, band wheels and band guides for higher cutting performance with smoother running.
  • Another feature is full bundle clamping device for full cutting range.
  • Hydraulic saw blade tension
  • Chip conveyor in direction of material flow for compact machine dimensions.
  •  Easy ergonomic operation with Kasto control system. COMPACT CONTROL.
  • Incremental feed for short cut offs; shortest remnant length 80 mm.
  • Infinitely adjustable frequency controlled saw blade.
  • Feed control with Kasto -Universal Hydraulic UH.
  • The most  noteworthy and especially relevant, the Kasto will give you the edge.
    • Interlocked Guarding.
    • Full height vice jaws for full capacity Bundle cutting.
    • Laser line height sensing.
    • Integral coolant system
    • Integral Hydraulics
    • CE conformed.
      1. More performance for your money.
      2. KASTOtwin: A High-Performance Bandsaw with an extraordinary price/performance ratio.
      3.  For serial sawing of solids, tubes and profiles from easy to difficult to cut materials.
      4. Stability, performance and precision. Performance needs a solid basis:
      5. The torsion-free steel construction of the KASTOtwin minimizes vibrations, and the strong twin-column guide system stabilizes the saw unit.
      6. The saw head feed is via modern, standard pretensioned linear guides.
      7.  Due to automatic material height recognition, the KASTOtwin lowers the bandsaw blade to the material in rapid speed and automatically does the zero cut positioning of the material (partially optional).
      8. Always an optimum cut. KASTO Universal Hydraulic UH. To adapt to each cutting task, the Universal Hydraulic of the KASTOtwin can be adjusted infinitely variable between constant feed rate and constant cutting force.
      9.  With the KASTO Universal Hydraulic UH, no saw blade change is required when changing from solid to profile materials.
      10. Everything under control: The control KASTO CompactControl Easy user guidance is a must!
      11. The KASTO CompactControl offers soft function keys with easy to read symbols and shows all status and fault messages in clear text.
      12. All important operating data are stored. This high-quality saw control is standard equipment on each KASTOtwin – extraordinary in this price category.
    • A frequency-controlled saw drive powers the KASTOtwin.
    • Since the rpm is controlled directly from the KASTO CompactControl, the speed of the bandsaw blade can be finely tuned to cutting requirements between 20 and 110 m/min (65.6 and 360.8 ft/min).
    • The spur gear saw drive is directly mounted to the well-dimensioned drive wheel. Minimum rpm, saw blade breakage and clamping pressure are electronically monitored.
    • When the minimum rpm gets too low, the drive motor shuts-off immediately. Sawing instead of waiting:
    • Short idle times with the KASTOtwin.
    • The extremely accurate ball lead screw drive feeds the material.
    • A frequency-controlled drive ensures an infinitely variable and precisely controllable movement.
    • The continuous roller conveyor and the self-aligning double clamping vise guarantee safe material transport.
    • With serial cuts shorter than 250 mm (9.84”), the incremental material feed saves time of extra clamping operations.



Kasto Twin A4 400 mm Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw

Kasto A4 automatic used horizontal bandsaw for sale
Kasto A4 automatic bandsaw

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